Cape Breton Flower (Nova Scotia)

Cape Breton Flower


Winter Wonderland

Marlborough BeachSnowfall

Beauty in Provincetown (Cape Cod)


From my stroll along the harbor side of Ptown looking onto the land. Along the harbor there are a lot of little artist workshops and a replica sailboat from the 1812 war.

Whaleboat Island Camping

Anna and Jordan Casco Bay July 2015

Whaleboat July

Kayaking is one of those peace activities to get a way from daily life. This is from a trip in Casco Bay outside of Portland, ME.


Purple Flowers

Sail Boat


Latest Studio Session

Model 8_Anna Cantell

Model 1_Anna Cantell

Model 2_Anna Cantell

Model 3_Anna Cantell

Model 6_Anna Cantell

Model 9_Anna Cantell

Model 7_Anna Cantell

From my studio session last week