About Anna


I am a freelance travel photographer based in New England. My interests include different cultures, nature, environmental impacts, urban gardening to name a few.


8 thoughts on “About Anna

  1. Hi, Anna. I love all the photos I’ve seen in this blog and I have seen many. They’re all gorgeous! Thanks for clicking the ‘follow’ tab on my blog, A Traveller’s Tale. Will be your frequent visitor as well. Regards.

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  3. Hi there Anna, the crocheting one in there seemed a bit like the old curve ball against the other activities. Just popped over to say many thanks for the follow on my own wee blog, it is great to have you onboard. Like you I appreciate feedback, good and bad, so please feel free to leave comments on my posts and hopefully you will participate in a few polls to let me know what you like. I am interested to see where you go and what captures your attention. MM 🍀

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